Updated July 6th, 2013

Hopefully this page will help others with a lot of online Scams which can range from money making Scams, to email scams etc. I hope to update and alert everyone who reads this the latest and greatest ways people are trying to scam us.

July 6, 2013 1:21 A.M.

Is dhgate a scam? Should I buy from China ?

Is DHGATE a scam? Is legit ? Should I buy from China? I see these posted everywhere and too be honest a lot of the answers seem like they are coming from DHGATE. A quick answer is DHGATE is not really a scam. Not really you ask? DHGATE is a platform site like EBAY. They allow many groups of sellers list items on their website and sell to customers like EBAY does. They also have customer feedback like EBAY but the problem is that a lot of it is faked I know from personal experience. I have had two sellers ask me to change it to positive and they would give me freebies. I have also heard a horror story of a guy who wouldn’t agree to change the rating and the seller from China was calling his house leaving messages that his family in the States were going to pay him a visit unless he changed his feedback. The scams come from the sellers who sell fakes, replicas or don’t even send the product.

The problem with this? 99% of the items are fake. I have ordered several things from them with the guarantee that the clothes were authentic only to find out that they were not. Now I had to sell them to customers explaining that they were replicas.

Electronics are horrible. I did a small order of a couple of electronics ranging from a GPS unit to a tablet and they all stopped working within a week or didn’t work at all. DHGATE claims that you can return any product ordered for a refund but seeing all the products come from China it will cost more for you to return the item than it is usually worth. Then the supplier will send you out another fake item, or claim that they didn’t receive your returned item.

I have had this problem and witnessed several others who deal with them. One of the worst things I have ever seen with the website was a woman who had purchased a wedding dress from them. Once again a replica. They took a picture from a website and used it as their own and used inferior quality materials and stitching so when the dress arrived it was no where near what was represented.

Another issue with buying clothing from DHGATE is that the sizing is all wrong. You could order something in a certain size and it will be two sizes to small. This had happened to me a couple times. I also heard this from a lot of other people.

Personally I would say that they only thing I would order from them without questions are the Smart Phone cases. Over the last year I have ordered a few hundred to sell and haven’t had any issues.

I would avoid anything electronic especially if it is branded. ALL of their Smart Phones like the I phone 5, Samsung Galaxy 4, and HTC one are fakes and don’t work. If they do turn on they won’t work like they are supposed to. Same goes for tablets, GPS etc.

The biggest alluring part about DHGATE is the pricing. I know that is why I used them. If you buy one item knowing it is a fake but don’t care because it will save you money. Good for you, but if you are thinking of using them for business reasons don’t. I have seen many EBAY accounts closed because they sold fake products.

After trial and error and many, many hours on Google I was able to find a hub where they connected you to honest wholesale companies from China and around the world. You can go to ( yes it is my affiliate account) find a great network for buying wholesale. The downside? It is not free. I believe I paid $60 for a years membership but at the time it was well worth it. I was a newbie at the time and the website and the forums helped me save a lot more money than my membership.

So, to wrap this up, I wouldn’t really suggest anyone use DHGATE. Most of their products are fake and if your package gets inspected at customers you could be charged. I do recommend buying smart phone covers from them but really nothing else. Lastly if you do want to buy wholesale from China and around the world feel free to check out SALEHOO


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