June 23rd, 2013 1:57A.M.

The most amazing thing every to happen to me was on Jan 29, 2013 at ten-fifteen in the morning, I became a father and a Dad for the first time to my amazing little girl Samaura. My wife Jenn who I love with all my heart had just been through eighteen hours of labour and one C-section and was still strapped down for the procedure was not able to hold our daughter in her arms until they finished closing her. It was so surreal having a doctor hold my little girl, and first time hearing the word DAD mean something. When she asked if I wanted to take a picture, and then hold her I started to shake.

When I had our nine pound, three ounce daughter Samaura in my arms for the first time, all I kept think was please do not drop the baby, do not drop the baby. Tears rolled down my face as I brought her to my wife to see, and place on her shoulder. It was the greatest feeling see Mom and Daughter together.

Fast forward to our little amazing daughter being one week away from being five months, and I am still crazy in love with her. I have been able to witness many of our daughters firsts, her first smile, her first giggle, and recently her first roll over and I don not know how to describe the feelings of watching and being a part of each of those. Each day Jenn, and I are fascinated by how much Samaura has learned and is doing.

With this blog I plan on using it to update experiences with my daughter, as well as to use it to review a lot of products, and tips that we have used with the raising of our daughter. I am hoping to help out fellow parents figure out and hopefully not waste time, energy, and yes money on things that you really do not need. I will also be able to share my opinions on things that I really do support.


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