Well I guess I was one of the fortunate people who got witness the greatness of the SyFy original movie made by the guys over at the Asylum.  If you haven’t heard the buzz; the made for tv movie is basically about tornados that bring sharks inland and it is up to the crazy kids from 90210 to save the day.

Okay so maybe it’s only Ian Zering from 90210, but he does save the day, and doing so gets back together with his ex-wife played by the always wooden Tara Reid.  If you are into really bad movies that don’t take themselves seriously you must check Sharknado out.  I really do feel sorry for the director Anthony Ferrante, he made a great little ghost movie almost a decade ago called Boo!, Now he’s making Sharknado.

  The only thing scarier than watching this flick is thinking back about 15 years ago when I submitted a treatment to David Michael Latt who at the time was the head of the Asylum and they were cranking out micro budget DTV horror flicks.  I will always remember him actually wanting my screenplay for The Gathering and not sending it him.  I guess I missed out.  I might actually had the chance to make Sharknado  2. Which would be Sharknado vs Squidacane.


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