Canon EOS M

Just a quick update on the new Camera I purchased for my up coming short movie  “Never Trust A Ghost Named Henry” The camera is the Canon EOS M which is Canons first attempt at the growing mirror-less category with interchangeable lenses.  I have ordered the camera last week and I am hoping that it will arrive some time this week.

I was going to get the Canon T3I but decided to go for the EOS M.  The only negative thing I have heard about the camera is the slow auto focus, which doesn’t really matter to me seeing I will being using the Manual focus.

Overall the camera shares a lot in common with the Canon T4I and that is the reason I picked it up.  It’s smaller and I should be able to shoot it with out getting noticed in some locations where we may, or may not have permits.

I have been happy with the Canon line up of both DLSR and camcorders.  I own both a Rebel XT, and the Canon HV20.  Once I receive the camera and do a few tests I will come back and do an official review.


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