The dreaded MRI

One of the pleasures of having two strokes is having pictures taken with a lovely MRI.  The one problem?  I am extremely claustrophobic.  So, having a technician have me lay on the table and squeeze my head into the support and then have them put the wire mask over my face isn’t exactly what I call fun.  You then get slid into the unit which then closes my arms even tighter into my body.  When I spent the week in the hospital with my two strokes I ended up having to MRIs. Now two months later I have the exciting opportunity to have a third.  My last one I kept myself calm by thinking of my then month and a half old daughter Samaura and her little no,no,no,no type thing she would cry out when she was trying to fight her sleep.  It would instantly put a smile on my face and the half hour that the MRI took would fly by.  My question now is,  Does anyone have any tricks they use when they are feeling a little anxiety? 


2 thoughts on “The dreaded MRI

  1. Mark – I had my stroke at age 47 in Mar 2012. I was never claustrophobic UNTIL that day! When they tried to put me in the “tube”, I nearly lost it. Here I was in the middle of having a stroke, and I couldn’t tell anyone coherently what was scaring the hell out of me! I will never forget that MRI!!

    Since, I have had a couple more and always, ALWAYS take a relaxant to get thru it.

    • I know your feeling. My third MRI is quickly approaching. It is Wednesday July the 3rd. I am trying not to think about it. I know that it is only a half hour inside the machine but it feels like an eternity when you feel closed in. I have some “Happy Pills” which I hope will help me through this one. I was even thinking of staying up all night so that I might be able to sleep through it. I thought twice because they would probably wake me up and now not only would I be in a tight space but also tired.

      I have practiced breathing and also thought of my warm and fuzzy place which is my five month old daughter. If I start to panic, I will think of her and that usually puts a huge smile on my face.

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