My story………take one!

Good morning fellow readers,  It is officially 3:20 A.M and it is another night that I can’t sleep.  Let me introduce myself,  My name is Mark Allan,  I am 38 years old,  I am married to a wonderful, and beautiful woman named Jenn,.  I also recently just had the most amazing thing in my life happen we had our daughter Samaura almost five months ago. Let me tell you have this little angel has been a life changer for me.  The other life changing moment I have had recently is that I suffered two strokes. 

    Yup that’s right.  Two strokes!  At the age of 38 that is the last thing I thought would happen to me especially having a new born baby.  Too be completely honest I thought maybe a heart attack.  I do love my greasy food.  Who doesn’t love burger and a poutine? Well maybe vegans and vegetarians wouldn’t.

     Anyway,  As per my many, many doctors orders I have been off work for the last two months and I will be off for at least two more.  Before the stroke I worked between fifty and sixty hours a week and fantasized about not having to work.  After my stroke, and now being off for two months I can’t actually believe I am saying this but I miss work.  Don’t get me wrong, being able to spend every moment with my wife and my new born Samaura has been fantastic but when you are used to working since thirteen it seems very strange not to be working. 

    Anyway,  with all this time on my hands,  I thought I would start a blog to share my experiences and most importantly share my reviews on wide assortment of things from the latest food trends,  new movies, new products, to the lasted Michael Myers masks that are available for Halloween. 


     What I hope you get from my blog is hopefully some humour, knowing that something as scary as having strokes doesn’t stop your life, and finally I hope to help people make an informed decisions on a lot of the things I will review on this blog.


    I think I have rambled enough for my first entry.  I hope I haven’t scared away anyone who happens upon this page.  If anyone else has had a life changing moment in their life, please feel free to share below.  I would love to know what it was and how your life changed from it.



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